Mad Science-pHunky pHysics (K-5th Grade)

  Community Ed
  1/27/2020 - 3/16/2020
  3:25 PM - 4:25 PM
  Oakdale Elementary:

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Inspire the desire to inquire with this fun foray into the physical sciences! There ll be physics, fliers, chemistry and electrons that ll have a lasting effect on the aspiring student scientist!

Is that reaction chemistry? Explore one of the most exciting and fundamental sciences as you make colloids, solvents, and precipitates. Explore more reactions with the Dynamic Dish!

Current Events
Going with this flow? Ride the electron railway into the world of circuitry with conductors, insulators, and resistors. Get turned on to technology with the Circuit Maze!

Fun-damental Forces
What do gravity, inertia, and centripetal force have in common? Feel the pull of precession, the nudge of nutation and the turn of torque in this introduction to physics. Learn to strike the perfect balance with the Gravity Game!

Science of Magic
May I have your misdirection?
Learn the science behind illusions, read minds, and perform a Houdini-style escape! Amaze and amuse friends and family with the Curious Cube. It s not just magic, it s science!

Fantastic Fliers
Is it a bird? It is a plane? Is it science?
Fly through an introduction to aeronautics & aerodynamics. Make and test various plane designs to see the forces of flight in action
Sling your own Sky Hawk Foam Plane!

Under Pressure
What is a vortex? Join Bernoulli as we take an exciting look at the science behind air pressure. Use vortex generators to make disks hover, spheres levitate, and more! Launch foam rockets at home with the Air Blaster!