Mad Science-Brixology

  3272-100-W20-Oak Hollow
  Community Ed
  1/30/2020 - 3/12/2020
  3:40 PM - 4:40 PM
  Oak Hollow Elementary:

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Launch your imagination to new heights as you explore aerospace engineering, through efficiency and compact, modular design. Create a trussed space station module, and then connect it with others to create a massive modular spacecraft.

Children create a sea-worthy vessel as they set sail with nautical engineering! Then they try changing specific variables to improve speed, buoyancy, and stability.

In this class, children work together with their fellow civil engineers to build and test different bridge designs. They learn about strong shapes and structures, and use what they learn to create the strongest bridge possible.

Children discover nature s engineering secrets as they investigate biomimicry and biomechanics! Children build a walking insect machine then test different ways to help it climb up the steepest incline.

Find out how structural engineers use ideas from physics to solve construction problems. Children collaborate and build a structurally sound tower with a working elevator made with LEGO bricks.

Children Build a motorized vehicle and learn how to optimize it. They use gears, wheels and axles to reduce frictions and make work easier. Then they shift things into a higher gear to get a hands-on understanding of transmissions and gear rations.