Volleyball-Club GSL (Ages 7-12)

  3359-070-W20-Peruvian Park
  Community Ed
  1/27/2020 - 3/16/2020
  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  Peruvian Park Elementary:

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Learn to play Volleyball! Club GSL Volleyball is excited to introduce a new generation of young athletes to the wonderful world of volleyball. Boys and girls are encouraged to join us as we teach the fundamentals of the game. We will have fun learning to compete while learning new skills in a safe and challenging environment. Warren VanSchalkwyk is the director of GSL Volleyball and former member of the South African National Team, Former member BYU men s Volleyball Team, Co-Founder, Utah Boys Volleyball Association (UBVA). $69 for a 6-week class includes a T-shirt. Ages 7-12 years old.